Security controls at the speed of cloud infrastructure

The cloud gives your business speed and agility, but security tools may be dragging you down, instead of accelerating your journey.

Trying to treat software-defined infrastructure with tools like VPNs and firewalls that were built for a physical infrastructure, cancels out the cloud benefits that give you a competitive edge.

Security is essential – but legacy tools and appliances can’t keep up with software-defined infrastructure, even if they’re virtualized:

  • They need constant patching and updating
  • They need redundancy
  • Deployment can be complex and time-consuming

In this whitepaper you’ll learn why a software-defined infrastructure needs security that is just as fast and agile – replacing your VPN with cloud-based access that speeds up your business.

* We’ve also we’ve added a list of achieved solution requirements when applying software-defined security controls.

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Leonid Belkind

Written by Leonid Belkind
CTO & co-founder

Leonid Belkind is leading the technology vision for Luminate’s products. Prior to co-founding Luminate, Leonid worked for more than 14 years for Check Point Software Technologies, the leading vendor of IT network security products, where he built generations of IT security products, from early concept to delivery to Fortune 100 customers. He also established large international product delivery organizations of 150+ employees. Leonid is a graduate of Israel’s elite military technology unit, 8200.

Luminate Secure Access CloudTM

Luminate enables security and IT teams to create Zero Trust Application Access architecture without traditional VPN appliances. Its Secure Access Cloud™ securely connects any user from any device, anywhere in the world to corporate applications, on-premises and in the cloud, while all other corporate resources are cloaked without granting access to the entire network. This prevents any lateral movements to other network resources while eliminating the risk of network-based attacks. Deployed in less than five minutes, Luminate’s Secure Access Cloud™ is agentless, and provides full visibility of users’ actions as they access corporate resources, as well as real-time governance of these resources.

Point to point access - How it works

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LP visual-securityControls (002)