Zero Trust access to multiple datacenters
for operations, R&D, and DevOps

Meet a leading fintech company with distributed R&D, DevOps and NOC teams. 

Those teams needed daily, secured access to various servers/components on the AWS-based virtualized infrastructure as well as to on-premises datacenters. This came with a set of challenges – namely providing and then governing users’ access policies.

That’s where Luminate Secure Access Cloud™ came in, resulting in a unified Zero Trust access model:

  • Reduced network attack surface
  • Improved IT and security operations processes
  • Better user-experience

This case study dives deeper into the integration process and the resulting access policy that allows any approved user to perform their duties in any approved location in a seamless way.

LP visual-ZT access case studymultiDS (002)

Luminate Secure Access CloudTM

Luminate enables security and IT teams to create Zero Trust Application Access architecture without traditional VPN appliances. Its Secure Access Cloud™ securely connects any user from any device, anywhere in the world to corporate applications, on-premises and in the cloud, while all other corporate resources are cloaked without granting access to the entire network. This prevents any lateral movements to other network resources while eliminating the risk of network-based attacks. Deployed in less than five minutes, Luminate’s Secure Access Cloud™ is agentless, and provides full visibility of users’ actions as they access corporate resources, as well as real-time governance of these resources.

Point to point access - How it works

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LP visual-ZT access case studymultiDS (002)

LP visual-ZT access case studymultiDS (002)